Velociraptor 5 ft.

Velociraptor 5 ft.

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Our 5ft Velociraptor statue is designed with elaborate detail and coloring. Dating back from the Jurassic Period, this Velociraptor is crafted to an exact likeness to this extinct species. This was one of the more well known dinosaurs for their distinct look. This prehistoric creature is painted with orange and black stripes and with a life like reptilian skin texture. Designed with 3 sharp talons, razor sharp teeth and his mouth open, this dinosaur was not one to be messed with.

Our fiberglass sculptures are unique because every statue on site is custom-made. Our statues are hand-formed out of plaster first and then wrapped with a rubber material to take the plastersí shape. Once the rubber has cooled, we fill it with the fiberglass which pours as a liquid. Fiberglass is threads of thin glass forced from heating molten glass through a very thin sieve. Once the fiberglass has cooled, it takes the shape of the mold. Every piece is hand-painted and unique.

Fiberglass is a great material to work with. Not only is it an affordable medium to work with, it is light weight and very strong, similar to a boat hulls. They are designed to withstand the elements without breaking. is proud to offer our customers with an amazing variety of fiberglass sculptures. For businesses and homes, there is something for everyone!

(Weight, lbs): 103
(LxWxH, in): 106 x 23.75 x 62

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  • Model: DIN110015H

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large size of this item, it can only be shipped by freight truck on a large pallet. Please contact us by phone or "Ask a question about this product" form to work out shipping details.


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