Get factory direct super low prices that's hard to beat for larger size orders!  Custom larger order requests in container sizes can be shipped anywhere around the world at super low shipping rates and unbeatable factory direct prices.

1. Q. I am interested in purchasing a container of statues how do I do that?

First step is to contact us or email us with a basic idea of styles or specific details of what you need. For factory direct custom container orders can range in minimum 1  container shipment. We gives customers the chance to purchase in bulk at super low prices  for a wide variety of styles with lower quantity minimums.

2. Q. How many statues  do I need to order for bulk discounts?


As a general benchmark which can vary due to desired statue size packaging. Please contact us for a details

3. Q. How is shipping handled for these containers?


We will do our best to coordinate with the shipping forwarder that the customer chooses or the forwarder that ImportLiquidators  uses. We, will not be responsible for any losses, or delays caused by the shipping forwarder. All issues with shipments will be dealt with the shipping forwarder.

4. Q. Who is responsible for the Customs, Duties, and Taxes?


We can handle all of the logistics from raw materials, factory production to importation requirements set by specific countries of where you want statues to be shipped. Bottom line is that we can try our best to make it as easy for you as possible so the statues can land to your destination in the most efficient and effective manner.


Serious Buyers - If you have additional questions or comments or would like to place an order,  please feel free to contact distribution and logistics directly at (631) 283 5591 10 - 5 PM EST

Thank you.


Generally, fiberglass statues are the equivalent as pitch statues. Produced using the strings of glass, fiberglass is made by driving liquid glass through a strainer that twists it into strings. Be that as it may, since the fiberglass pours as a fluid, it mirrors all the fine subtle elements of the shape. Concrete, then again, is thick and grainy and does not enter well into the fine detail of a form. It is a perfect material for huge figures since it is light enough that individuals can move statues produced using it without the assistance of a crane. Fiberglass statues additionally cost significantly less to send than solid statues. Obviously, fiberglass is likewise exceptionally solid. It is strengthened and is a similar material used to make vessel frames that are intended to withstand the stun and the components of the ocean without breaking. Concrete, while tough enough for open air applications, will break into pieces whenever hit or thumped over. Fiberglass is additionally a substantially less costly medium. We are pleased to offer a broad determination of fiberglass statues and figures. Generally, these fiberglass works are scattered around in our different displays. 
Shop our Life like statues and bigger Sculptures of life figures. The absolute most normal subjects of these life estimate statues are the Greek and other such us life estimate statues are real copies of celebrated models like Michelangelo's David, Rodin's Eternal Spring, Botticelli's Birth of Venus, and Canova's Three Graces. Works, for example, The Bather, the Four Seasons, and the more contemporary female are likewise extremely mainstream. A large number of these pieces are quite funneled and useful wellsprings. More Life Size Fiberglass Statues Click here